Do you need a Personal Trainer?

Exercise & Nutrition Plans 

Personal TrainerQuick answer is yes you do! What do they even do? 

A personal trainer is someone who has the expertise, experience and educational background to design an individualized exercise program to assist clients in achieving their individually selected fitness goals.

He/she does this by teaching you how to perform exercise correctly, designing and varying your program for you, and over time, by training you how to think about the components and principles of exercise, so that when you are comfortable, you can train yourself. Once your trainer has found out what your health concerns, fitness goals and schedule are, he or she can tailor a program to help you achieve the results you want.

With a trainer’s guidance, you can maximize your results in a minimal amount of time. How Many Sessions Will I Need? The amount of sessions you need is usually up to you. Some people already have a fairly successful exercise program, and simply want to learn more advanced exercises to complement their program and to add more variety. In these cases one or two sessions might be enough. Other people want more in depth help that includes extensive assistance with exercise program design. Such help might take four or five sessions. You may just want a trainer once weekly, fortnightly or monthly to motivate, educate and inspire you and you continue with your training yourself in between.