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Hardcore Pure Isolate Whey Protein

Hardcore Nutrition - Pure Isolate Whey Protein

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Packing an awesome amino acid profile, Hardcore WPI is easily digested, lactose free, sugar free, and fat free! The pure whey protein isolate used in Hardcore's WPI is absorbed into the body fast, transporting amino acids into muscle fibers to begin the repair and rebuilding process. 

Why should you use pure whey protein isolate? Whey protein isolate has been filtered twice through the most technically advanced micro-filters, separating or "isolating" it from any impurities. This is why pure whey protein isolate has the most protein per serving, the least calories per serving, has no fat, no sugar and less than 1g of lactose. Most whey protein products on the market don't even come close to that kind of purity! Not only does Hardcore Pure Whey Protein Isolate have an unmatched nutritional profile, but it's also tastes delicious and mixes easily! Each flavor is taste tested in our laboratory, and approved by a taste-test panel before being released.

Pure Whey Protein Isolate Facts:
25g whey protein in every serve!
30g serving size 
Zero ion exchange 
Zero fat
Less than 1g lactose
Superior amino acid profile and BCAA's 
Highest PER (protein efficiency ratio)
Highest NPU (net protein utilization) 
Easily digested 
Supports muscle repair and recovery 
A massive 76 servings per 5lb container! 
No trans fats 
Gluten free
Safe for lactose intolerant people
Mixes easily
Loads of flavors available: tastes delicious! 

Hardcore Nutrition's Pure Isolate Whey Protein is the perfect nutritional component to compliment your muscle growth, fat loss or fitness program.

Recommended Use: Add one level scoop to 8oz. of water, non-fat milk, juice, or your favorite beverage. You can use more or less liquid to meet your desired taste and caloric needs. Shake/stir well until dissolved. Whey protein can be added to many foods including yogurt, oatmeal, and smoothies.

Size: 5Ib/2.27kg