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BSc Body Science - Hydroxyburn Lean5 Protein

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BSc Body Science Hydroxyburn LEAN 5 Protein Powder 900gm

There is a wide variety of weight loss proteins on the market and deciding which is best is one pressure you don't need in your life.Hydroxyburn LEAN 5 is a Formulated Supplentary Sports Food product containing fast (including medium) & slow releasing proteins in each advanced serve. The speed and absorption of Hydroxyburn LEAN 5 protein amino acids by the gut varies according to the type of protein and the presence of other formulated macro nutrients.

If you want to build muscle or shed fat, you need protein. Hydroxyburn LEAN 5 is one the best powder picks because each advanced scoop contains high levels of Glutamine and BCAA’s, with fat burning support from  L-Carnitine. Not only does this formulation contain less than 3g of carbohydrate per serve daily, the powerful formula helps to keep the metabolism healthy by only containing around 1g of fat.

Hydroxyburn LEAN 5 is a Sustained-Release Ultra Premium high protein nutritional shake which contains a lean system blend for those looking to shred unwanted kilograms and achieve a lean, fit physique whilst maintaining and increasing muscle mass. When taken as part of a calorie controlled and healthy diet, the ingredients contained within Hydroxyburn LEAN 5 contribute to the maintenance of lean muscle, support fat loss and help prevent you feeling tired, lethargic or experience sugar cravings.

Each of its ingredients works in harmony to target body fat stores, better utilize body fat for energy, boost metabolism, suppress appetite and lower body fat storage. These ingredients combined with a 22g protein blend per serve results in a fantastic lean fat loss protein supplement.

Key Factors:

  • Fast & Slow Protein

  • Promotes Fat Burning

  • Helps Lean Muscle

  • Supports Weight Management

  • Carb Control

  • Sugar Control

  • Assists Exercise Recovery

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