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Hydroxy Burn

BSc Body Science - Hydroxy Burn Clinical

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2X Tablets Daily | B Vitamins | 300mg Clinical Dose Bluenesse | Iodine | 3x Caffeine Sources | 2x Chromium

Our HydroxyBurn Clinical gives thermogenics a new angle backed by human clinical studies, delivering immediate cortisol reduction, influences positive mood and enhanced metabolism activation for fat burning further supporting traditional thermogenic products.

HydroxyBurn Clinical Tablet is an easy and convenient way to supplement your lifestyle.

  • Not another drink
  • Convenient for all lifestyles
  • New "HydroxyBurn Boost"
  • Reduces cortisol
  • Immediate results backed by
  • Human clinical studies

Our mission is to develop the leading, most-trusted thermogenic tablet on the market in a full disclosure label. We will always try to launch products that are backed by research to deliver healthy benefits. Through our HydroxyBurn Clinical brand we will promote awareness regarding effective ingredients like Bluenesse and its human clinical studies.

Contains 60 tabs (1 month supply)