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A 13 inch wrist wrap made of premium elastic, tough enough for Olympic lifting and presses. The strong Velcro makes sure that your wrist wrap stays nice and tight.

The GASP Hardcore Wrist Wrap is the best selling wrist wrap in the world. They are worn by the average joe to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and everyone in between. 

GASP has been in the wrist wrap game since 2004, however prior to our launch of the Hardcore Wrist Wrap we had 8 years of experience making wrist wraps under our Better Bodies brand. 

The Hardcore Wrist Wrap is a GASP must have -an Icon Item!

Necessary equipment for all lifters, the Hardcore Wrist Wraps offer support and stability during all lifts.

Product Features and Facts

  • Premium 4 line elastic for optimal support without limiting wrist mobility – suitable for Olympic lifting and presses
  • Strong Velcro fastening for easy adjustments and a secure fit
  • Thumb loop for quick fastening
  • Insider Tip: Hook & loop closure – most athletes use the thump loop to fasten wrap when wrapping, then remove the thumb loop during use
  • Signature GASP logo branding
  • Sold in pairs

 The Fit

  • Developed for: Everyday use, most beneficial for pressing exercises
  • Length: 13” (33cm)

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