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Stacks & Combos | Godzilla Bodybuilding Stack

Stacks & Combos | Godzilla Bodybuilding Stack

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The Godzilla Bodybuilding Stack is designed with all the best, it is the ultimate for muscle building and even coms with the Godzilla 5 day split program (part 1 or 3 - 6 weeks) to make sure you get the best out of your investment wile using the stack.

This stack will give you the potential to get muscle gains like you have never got from any other program or stack before. 

Follow the Supplement Schedule we enclose the the stack and the program.

Please note that the Godzilla stack and program is not designed for the beginner, although if you are keen enough to give it a go let us know how you get on. Facebook us.

Godzilla Stack includes:

  • Godzilla 5 day split program (printed & laminated)

  • Anabol-5 / 60 Servings

  • BSN Basic Shaker

  • Ghost BCAA / Lemon Lime / 30 Servings

  • Ghost Pump / Sour Watermelon / 20 Servings

  • Ghost SIZE / Sour Watermelon / 30 Servings

  • Muscle Infusion / Chocolate / 5Ib/2.27kg

  • Tank/Jug / 2.2L

  • Wrist Wrap / Black/White