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Hypertrophy Upper/Lower Split

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Hypertrophy - Push / Pull

A Hypertrophy Push, Pull, Legs split designed to mix up your training and increase the frequency and intensity of your programming. See what it's like hitting muscle groups up to twice per week and see the benefits in the long run!

This plan includes 5 different workouts. You can use this plan in rotation for as long as you are getting results.

We will include a Free Nutrition guide to help you achieve your results faster. This will give an idea of the food choices you should be making.

Plan includes:

* Exercise plan

* Video and instruction for all exercises via our mobile app.

* Full online support from our team 

Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition plan. You will be required to full out a small questioneer before we can design a exercise plan for you, this allows us to deal with any existing or old issues like injuries etc.