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L Carnitine

Inner Armour - Liquid L-Carnitine Wild Berry

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Inner Armour - Liquid L-Carnitine Wild Berry

Inner Armour Liquid L-Carnitine is a high dosage L-Carnitine source that can assist fat reduction and support energy production.

Studies suggest that oral carnitine helps reduce fat mass, increase muscle mass, and reduce fatigue. All of these effects may contribute to weight loss.

L-Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that helps the transfer of fatty acid groups into the mitochondrial membrane for cellular energy production. It naturally occurs in red meat and other animal source foods, but it is recommended to supplement with L-Carnitine to obtain optimal levels of this excellent amino acid.

  • Support Energy Production from Fats
  • Promote Muscle Growth and Development
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Increase Endurance

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one tablespoon 1-4 times daily, preferably before and after training.

Servings Per Container: 32

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