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Mutant - Mutant Mass Gainer

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Mutant - Mutant Mass Gainer

This is the ULTIMATE lean gainer you’ve been waiting for! MUTANT MASS is a serious formula, designed with only hard working athletes in mind, who demand power, absolute size and all out strength. If you are serious about gaining slabs of lean muscle mass, faster than ever, then MUTANT MASS is the answer.

* Super High Protein Weight Gainer

* Loaded with extra Amino and BCAA

* Easy to mix and drink


Mix 2 or 4 scoops of Mutant Mass with 16-32 fl. oz. (480-960 ml) of water, twice a day; drink one shake first thing in the morning and the second immediately after training, or whenever you want an extra shot of protein. Servings:

Bag: 5 Lbs One Serving: 2 Scoops(260g) Servings Per Container: 18

Bag: 15 Lbs One Serving: 2 Scoops(260g) Servings Per Container: 53