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Nutrex | VitriX | Testosterone

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Equip yourself with the all-new Vitrix super libido booster! Vitrix's superior formula helps you become the alpha male in the bedroom or any time it is needed. Vitrix is still one of America’s most sought after sexual enhancers and now offers you even more. The Black Series Vitrix is refined with ingredients that improve male libido and support natural testosterone levels. Added L-Arginine help serve as a vasodilator allowing for an increase in blood and oxygen flow to support stamina and performance in the bedroom. Do not settle for an average performance in the bedroom when satisfaction is just a few capsules away. Vitrix gives you what you need, when you need it, fast.

  • Helps improve sexual performance

  • Enhances alpha male behaviour

  • Helps increase stamina and libido

  • Supports natural testosterone levels

  • Faster-absorbing than tablets for quicker effects

Size: 80 Caps

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