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Male Maintenance

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Male - Maintenance

Designed to get you the results you want by professionals that care.

How does it work:

Once you order your nutrition plan one of our staff will send you an email that will allow you to load the Supplements Direct® app into your phone, then we will send you a questionaire through the Supplements Direct® app, once this is filled out we will design your nutrition plan you have chosen and load it into your app so you can see and use your new nutrition plan anyware, anytime. Very simple and easy to use.

If you find you need any alterations made to your plan simply message us through the Supplements Direct® app and we will make the changes for you. e.g change food that you don't like.

Please Note: Supplements Direct® uses My PT Hub that has sourced specialist dietary plans, macronutrient calculation guidelines and all nutrition knowledge from a Registered Dietitian.

* Additional charges to your chosen plan may apply after 7 days.