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Active Chocolate


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PEAK - Active Chocolate

Functional Chocolate for an active, healthy lifestyle.

PEAK Advantage:

+ 80% dark chocolate, naturally full of healthy fats, antioxidants, flavanols and oleic acid. Iron, magnesium, copper and manganese.

+ Natural caffeine from guarana — an espresso shot (70mg) in every serve — may help increase stamina and energy levels.

+ 2g of creatine, the most extensively researched supplement aiding muscle growth and brain function.

+ 700mg of BCAAs — Branched Chain Amino Acids — play a key role in muscle recovery and regeneration.

+ 50mg Himalayan sea salt — natural electrolytes to improve water absorption and keep you hydrated for longer.


Peak Chocolate is fully certified with Informed Sport, the world’s most respected and trusted sports food testing agency.

Box of 12 packs (3 per pack)

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