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PharmaFreak - Test Freak

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The Strongest and Most Clinically Proven Testosterone Boosting Supplement Formula!

TEST FREAK is without doubt the most potent testosterone booster legally available today. TEST FREAK’s unique formula includes clinically proven doses of the most extensively researched testosterone elevating compounds and innovative new testosterone boosting ingredients! Nothing is more potent than TEST FREAK!

The TEST FREAK supplement formula contains more than twice the active ingredients per serving than nearly every other testosterone booster available! It is so freaking strong that you would need to stack 2 or 3 of the other leading testosterone boosters together to even come near to the testosterone boosting potency that TEST FREAK offers!


Increases Free Testosterone available by up to 331%
Increases available Total Testosterone by up to 469%
Optimises Lean Muscle Growth and Strength!
Increases Libido and Sex Performance!
Full 30-Day Cycle 120 caps

Supplements Direct recommend Test Freak to anyone who wants a very strong test booster.