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Power Bands

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Assisted pull ups: Power bands provide a fantastic way to perform assisted pull-ups. This is a great training tool for those who want to increase their pull-up performance if bodyweight pull-ups are currently a struggle.

Increasing load at the end of a movement: Power bands can be attached to a barbell to create an effect where the resistance of a strength training exercise will be greater towards the end range of the motion. This is a great way to strengthen the ‘sticking point’ in a particular movement, such as the lock-out portion of a bench press!

Strength training:  Resistance bands themselves can be used for resistance training exercises. There are countless exercises that can be performed with a set of power bands, and they can be a great addition to your resistance training arsenal as they stress your muscles more towards the end range of the movements, instead of mid-range as with free weights, as well as requiring significant stabilization by the muscles!

Stretching: Power bands can be a fantastic tool to assist with performing various stretches. The use of a power band can allow you to perform stretches yourself which you may otherwise need a partner for to apply enough pressure to achieve a good stretch.

Length 1040mm (unstretched)
Set-up Dimensions Width : Red - 1.7cm, Purple - 3cm, Green - 4.5cm, Blue - 6.5cm, Orange, 8.7cm, Black - 10.3cm