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Ronnie Coleman

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A recent study was conducted on 23 healthy males between the ages of 27 and 37. One group of men was administered 3,120mg of D-AA while a control group was given a placebo (salt solution) over 12 days.

The group of men given D-AA had an average raise in testosterone of 42% as well as a 33% raise in LH levels compared to no increases in the placebo group. Testogen-XR® pairs D-AA with 50mg of AstraGin™, proven to increase amino acid absorption by 66.7%.

Testosterone is what makes a man… a man. But it also affects your metabolism, muscle mass, skin and sex drive.

If you are 30+ years old odds are that your Test levels are declining every year. 

Testogen-XR® is con­dence in a bottle. More importantly, the ingredients have been proven in HUMAN CLINICAL TRIALS. Plus, it is really two products in one doubling as an intense nitric oxide booster.

* Better energy levels

* Better explosive strength

* Better workout recovery

* Better lean muscle

Better You!!

Capsules per container: 90