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Ronnie Coleman King Beef Protein

King Beef

Ronnie Coleman

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Ever wish you had a pocket steak available at all atimes just in case you feel the predatory need to dominate some beef like an alpha caveman? If you're serious about making gainz then the answer is 'hell yeah bro'! KING BEEF provides you with the manliest most anabolic meal on the planet in the convenience of a shake guaranteed to produce chest pounding gainz afterwards. When the king of the jungle wants to make gainz he tracks down some prime beef because he knows it's the best way to get swole and attract the ladies. KING BEEF™ because...Everyone's 'mirin the King.

Protein plays a CRITICAL role in recovery after a workout and beyond. It provides the aminos necessary to help REBUILD muscle tissue, increases water absorption to hydrate muscles and can stimulate the immune system. KING BEEF™ packs 23G of the most ANABOLIC beef protein isolate available per scoop.

Look, every protein these days SHOULD taste great & mix well or something is wrong. However, KING BEEF is guaranteed to mix flawlessly and taste like a milkshake...everything you need and NOTHING that you don't.

If you are dieting, trying to LOSE WEIGHT or just looking to maintain what you've already achieved then you need to keep your protein HIGH and your carbs/fats LOW. KING BEEF™ delivers a SMOOTH and DELICIOUS taste profile with super low fat, healthy carbs from SWEET POTATOES and ZERO sugars.

Container Size: 1.45KG (3.2Lb) Serving Size: 1 Scoop (35g)
Servings Per Container: 50

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