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SWOLE - Fuel X3 - Meal Prep bag

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You’ll never be caught short of nutrition with FUEL X3. FUEL X3 allows you to carry more than:

◼ 3 meals

◼ Water bottles

◼ Snacks and fruit

◼ Sports nutrition & supplement bottles 

Comes with:

◼ 2 Large Freezer Packs

◼ 3 x 27oz (800ml) Leak-Proof Sure Seal Containers

◼ 1 Easy Carry Shoulder Strap

◼  1 Plastic Container Organizer System

Swole Meal Prep Bags will make fuelling your body that much easier as you can literally take your nutrition anywhere with you without the loss of freshness. Busy lives means on occasion missing important meals or worse, consuming fast food and throwing out your macros for the day. With Swole Meal Prep Bags there is no risk of ruining your hard work as you can stick to your meal plan anytime, anywhere.

Using high quality materials and smart design our meal prep bags are tough and will last the distance.

SMART DESIGN: Our unique Meal Prep Bags contain a strap which slides over the handles of carry-on luggage, so even the busiest of users can always have prepared meals and never succumb to unhealthy spur-of-the-moment food spurges whilst in transit.