Ketones BHB
Zest Keto | Exogenous Ketones | BHB® | 60
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Zest Keto | Exogenous Ketones | BHB® | 60

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ZestKeto Exogenous Ketone Capsules are an easy to use supplement containing a special patented ingredient called goBHB®.

BHB is the first ketone produced in the absence of food and carbohydrates when the body moves into a state of ketosis. Known more commonly as a Ketone salt, exogenous BHB such as the ones found in Zest Keto Exogenous Ketone Capsules enable the user to increase circulating ketones by up to 1-1.5mmol with just a single serve. Studies researching the effects of ketone salts have found that with every 1mmol rise in blood ketones, cognitive function rises 10% as well. 

Consuming exogenous ketones has also been shown to up-regulate the use of fatty acids for energy and may also delay the onset of fatigue during exercise due to a reduction in glycogen depletion. In essence, BHB supplementation may enhance fat loss, reduce fatigue and improve mental performance. 

Along with goBHB®, this amazing supplement includes sodium which may assist in protecting hydration levels while transitioning from glucose burning to ketone burning.

Designed especially for people who are following the Ketogenic other similar low-carb diets, this formula may assist in the process of ketosis without the need of inconvenient shakes or powders

Contains: 60 caps (30 servings)

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