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Zombie Labs | Shredz Protein Water

Zombie Labs | Shredz Protein Water

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The evolution in protein water is here! Shredz Protein Water by Zombie Labs is your new protein water packed with ingredients to enhance peak performance and fat burning. This complete protein powder has fat-burning and thermogenic ingredients to get your metabolism fired up. It also adds electrolytes for hydration, glutamine, and BCAA for total muscle recovery.

This bio-enhanced formula is the game-changer to take your training and results to apocalyptic heights! This is not your average protein water! It is packed with marine and bovine collagen, so you can enjoy a refreshing explosion of flavours that will fuel your body. The thermogenic blend will get your body in high gear to supercharge your metabolism.

The hydration and recovery boost blend has the perfect ratio of electrolytes to keep you hydrated and performing at your best. Get the most out of your training with this unique blend, which supports recovery, growth, and performance. It’s time to initiate superhuman zombie mode with Shredz Protein Water by Zombie Labs!

What are the benefits of Shredz Protein Water by Zombie Labs?

  • Support muscle recovery and growth
  • Support cognitive function
  • Enhanced hydration and recovery
  • Support peak performance
  • Maximum absorption
  • Support fat burning and fire up the metabolism
  • No lactose or gluten

What makes Shredz Protein Water by Zombie Labs different from other protein waters?

Zombie Labs Shredz Protein Water is a unique protein water containing thermogenic and fat-burning ingredients, electrolytes, and a recovery blend. It is the new evolution in protein supplementation, with enhanced ingredients to take your training and fitness to new levels.

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