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Since 1999 Supplements Direct® has always sponsored individuals, teams and events that share a passion for sports and fitness. If you would like to be considered for sponsorship please send us your sponsorship proposal covering at least the points listed below.


What Supplements Direct® are looking for in a sponsorship proposal:

  • High visibility for Supplements Direct® before during and after.
  • Events or achievements in New Zealand
  • High standard of amateur or professional athlete
  • Increase awareness of Supplements Direct® brand
  • Relevance to our customers
  • The opportunity for Supplements Direct® to be an exclusive supplements sponsor

Your proposal should cover:

  • Background information on yourself that is relevant
  • Location/s and date/s of the sponsorship and or event
  • List of your existing sponsors 
  • List of your past sponsors
  • Benefits for Supplements Direct® sponsoring you or your team/club
  • Is sponsorship for a club or individual, please give us all relevant details
  • Is this for ongoing sponsorship or one off event

Please send your sponsorship proposals with photos to:
Supplements Direct®
30 Reyburn Street
Whangarei 0110
or email it to: