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Five Reasons To Use Protein Powder.

Exercise & Nutrition PlansA new fitness regimen is often an intimidating experience. There are many available products that claim to help you change, depending on your goals. While a lot of these products may indeed help you reach your intended goals, we suggest that your first dietary supplement purchase is a good quality protein powder. Even if you are not a gym regular, adding a protein supplement can still provide benefit for you.

Now consider these five reasons you should add a protein supplement to your diet:

Protein Powder Helps Prevent Muscle Mass Loss Every day, whether you’re actively exercising or not, you’ll need to take in a certain amount of protein. This protein supplies your body with amino acids, which have specific purposes essential to good health. Of these purposes, repairing and building up new muscle tissue is one. If you are not taking in enough protein, this process of rebuilding muscle tissue will not occur. Protein helps maintain a nitrogen balance. This process ensures that you’re not losing lean body tissue. If you’re on a fat loss diet, your need for protein intensifies as you cut out high carb items like bread, pasta and rice. Especially if you find that you don’t eat a lot of meat, dairy or fish, protein powder will make a huge difference.

Protein Powder Helps Quick Post Workout Recovery Studies have demonstrated that protein synthesis is accelerated when protein is consumed before and after your workout. So using a rapid absorbing whey protein powder before and after your workout will pump up your results. A pre-workout protein shake will prepare your muscles for what’s to come while the post-workout shake will top up the amino acid reserves to ensure the repair process takes place. Whey Protein is one of the best absorbed forms of protein available, even higher than chicken or fish. Supplement with high quality whey protein to get the results you want.

Protein Powder Supports Strong Bones Many of us don’t get enough calcium. While you don’t have to take dairy products to be healthy, and many people struggle to digest dairy foods well, meeting your calcium intake needs is essential to maintain strong bones and high energy levels. Calcium plays an important role in muscular contractions as well therefore if your calcium levels are low, there’s a greater probability you won’t achieve the results you want. Many protein powders contain up to 20% of your daily calcium needs in a single scoop. If you’re taking pre- and post-workout protein shakes, then you’re going to meet almost half of your daily requirements right there. Muscles shred in the gym and re-build at rest. Bodies fuelled by protein recover quicker and rebuild more muscle.

Protein Powder Helps Vegetarians If you’re a vegetarian, meeting your protein needs can be a challenge. It can be difficult to establish complete protein profiles from grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. The supplement market offers a number of vegetarian powder options, including soy protein, egg white protein, vegan protein, and rice protein powder. These products make meeting your protein requirements much simpler. If you’re a vegetarian and aren’t watching your protein intake, you may not be getting the results you want. Invest in a protein powder you feel comfortable using and revel in the results! Soy Protein Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegetarian, vegan or just looking for a high quality protein, Soy protein is a suitable option for anybody taking their health and fitness into consideration.

Protein Powder Ends Meal Planning Madness Meal planning and preparation is time demanding, but worthwhile. However, there are those who don’t have the time or ability to plan meals for the week. Because of this, some people turn to fast food or unhealthy choices instead of something wholesome. This is understandable as it takes time to create many of the healthy, cooked meals that you enjoy. Even if you do take the time to do much of your cooking over the weekend, there will still be times where you’re running late and need a quick snack. The solution is to keep protein powder on hand. It takes two minutes to blend it with a fresh banana, one cup of skim milk, and a tablespoon of peanut butter. That provides a well balanced meal source of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. If you’re not at home when you need the snack, a scoop of protein powder, a third of a cup of dry oats, and a cup or two of water will sustain you until you can get home and make a proper meal. It’s easy to get excited about all the fancy supplements appearing on the market every day, but before you start investing lots of money in those, make sure you’ve got the basics covered first. A protein powder should be topping your essentials list as it is a basic necessity to any successful diet and exercise plan.

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