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Protein Muesli Bar

Supplements Direct® - Protein Muesli Bar

100g butter
150g brown sugar
50g rice bubbles
300g oats
75g coconut
200g sultanas
105g sliced almonds
75g sesame seeds
200g apricots
75g wholemeal flour
13/4 cup fruit juice
3 eggs
150g curly bran
75g sunflower seeds
75g pumpkin seeds
150g protein powder
some oil to mix
Mix altogether, in big bowl and spoon into 400mmx330mm flat open-ended aluminium tray. Smooth the mix with the back of a large knife till it is smooth and even the mix should come to top of the tray slightly (2mm) over last notch (close to open of tray) to enable outside edge to be trimmed off after cooking.
Bake 30 to 40 minutes until golden brown keeping g an eye on it from 30 minutes. Cut on marks (notches on side of the tin) and let cool on racks. Makes 18 bars.