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Fit Fuel - Supplements Direct®
Fit Fuel - Supplements Direct®
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Fit Fuel

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Fit Fuel is an ultra-clean anti-oxidant rich formula designed to support a healthy metabolism and increased energy. It is loaded with natural ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Raspberry ketones and L-carnitine to support a healthy leaner body. It is the perfect way to supercharge your smoothies or use as a standalone product.

Fit Fuel is a revolutionary formula designed to assist with a healthy metabolism and clean energy. One refreshing serving of Fit Fuel contains:

- Caffeine content of one standard cup of coffee
- Green Tea extract with the same polyphenol content of up to 5 cups of green tea
- 1000mg of pure L-Carnitine
- An optimal dose of Raspberry Ketones
- Only 8 calories per serving

Diet Fuel is the only supplement on the market that offers all the above with only 8 calories and zero sugar per serving. It is as lean and clean as it gets and available in various refreshing fruit flavours.

- Healthy metabolism
- Increased mental & physical energy
- Improved exercise performance
- Strong antioxidant activities
Formula breakdown:
Green Tea Extract 70% EGCG (250mg per serving)
Green tea extract comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, its polyphenol (catechins) content is responsible for most of the benefits associated with this plant. This extract has positive implications for various areas of health including cognition, body composition,  and more.

EGCG is the most studied and active polyphenol in Skinny Energy. EGCG can be powerful aids to cellular health, potentially even more so than Vitamin C and can neutralize free radicals and promote longevity.  

Human studies show that green tea extract can help you manage your body composition even when not exercising.  When combined with caffeine, green tea promotes natural thermogenesis. This combination works in synergy as caffeine increases noradrenaline levels while the green tea inhibits enzymes that break down noradrenaline.
*The Green Tea extract in skinny energy contains 4% caffeine which contributes 10mg to the total caffeine content per serve

RASPBERRY KETONES (100MG PER SERVING) Raspberry Ketones has recently become an extremely popular ingredient due to improvements on obesity and fatty livers. These effects appear to stem from Raspberry Ketones altering lipid metabolism, or more specifically, in increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis in white fat cells.

The structure of Raspberry Ketones is similar to the structures of capsaicin and synephrine, compounds known to exert anti-obese actions. Its chemical similarity to capsaicin has made Raspberry Ketones a popular ingredient in various thermogenic supplements.

L-carnitine (1000mg per serving)
L-carnitine is a natural substance found in food, it is the nutrient that transports fatty acids to cells for use as a source of fuel. This effect of L-Carnitine can promote a healthy metabolic rate.
Research shows that muscle carnitine levels are rapidly depleted during exercise, even if exercising at a moderate pace. Due to this L-Carnitine supplementation supports exercise performance.  
There you have it L-carnitine can assist turning fatty acids into energy and well as boost exercise performance helping you to train harder.
Caffeine Anhydrous (90mg per serving)
Caffeine acts as a stimulant to the nervous system, thereby promoting alertness, thermogenesis and a boost in energy.
Research suggests an array of positive effects linked to caffeine consumption ranging from thermogenesis, liver support, obvious mental and energy support and even data showing anti-cancer properties.

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