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Killer Labz | Terminator Test | Testosterone

Killer Labz | Terminator Test | Testosterone

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Killer Labz Terminator Test is an all-in-one hormonal maximizer which helps to both enhance testosterone levels and modulate estrogen, in addition to controlling cortisol and prolactin levels.

By consuming Terminator-Test daily, you'll grow stronger, harder and leaner as you train more intensely with greater ferocity. Containing a formula with proven testosterone enhancing ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, Velvet Bean Extract, Pine Bark Extract and more, Killer Labz Terminator is for the serious lifters

  • Boost testosterone levels

  • Modulate estrogen

  • Control cortisol

  • Build muscle

  • Increase libido

Killer Labz Terminator Test is a performance-driven testosterone product, ideal for men (and women) looking to pack on muscle and enhance their genetic potential. By inhibiting the body from converting free testoserone into estrogen, while increasing testosterone levels, Terminator-Test will allow you to achieve your anabolic potential. Enhanced strength, greater size, improved libido and a more defined physique are all benefits of a test boosting supplement when taken in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise plan..

Servings: 1 month supply

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