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Mass Freak Protein Weight Gainer Supplement
PharmaFreak | Mass Freak | Mass Gainer

PharmaFreak | Mass Freak | Mass Gainer

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MASS FREAK – the World’s Strongest & Most Complete Weight Gainer! MASS FREAK is created specifically for bodybuilders, athletes and hard gainers who are looking to quickly pack on lean rock-hard mass! MASS FREAK’s comprehensive formula provides your body with a precise combination of nutrients to support muscle growth!

  • Superior Quality Nutrients for Muscle Building and Growth

  • 20 Grams of Glutamine & BCAAs!

  • 50 Grams of Top-Quality Protein for Lean Muscle Growth and Recovery!

  • Complex Carbohydrates & Fibre

  • Aspartame Free

Servings per bag: 4 Scoops x 27

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