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Pea Protein

NOODE | Vegan Natural Burner Protein

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Noode | Vegan Natural Burner Protein

Feel fresh and strong without the bloated feeling you normally get from whey with Noode Vegan burner protein powder blended and packed in NZ.

If you're struggling to get all the vital nutrients you need into your diet or need a protein boost, but want to avoid dairy then we have the goods!

Awesome in a shake on the run, blended into a smoothie or baked in a slice to bump up your protein intake!

The ingredients list is literally only golden peas, (cocoa powder in chocolate), natural flavouring, stevia, L-Carnitine and green tea extract.. That's it. No junk.

The same great taste and texture as our famous pea protein with the added benefits of green tea extract which can help boost your metabolism and L-carnitine which can help mobilize fat stores.

  • Gluten-Free.

  • Sugar-Free.

  • Promotes Muscle Growth and Recovery.

  • High Digestibility and Great on the Stomach.

  • Help to increase your metabolic rate through its ingredient Green Tea.

  • Encourage fat oxidation (using stored fat to produce energy) through its ingredient L-Carnitine

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